Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing Field

As one of the most versatile career platform, digital marketing offers you many opportunities for your career. Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after career prospects by individuals considering the future of the industry. As we move towards a more global and digital economy, digital marketing is becoming the most required way of marketing. All the above-mentioned statements translate to many job opportunities in the field, mentioned below are some of the various job profiles in the sector.

  1. Digital marketing manager: with a very high salary package, this is one of the most exciting job profiles. This profile requires you to conjure up new strategies for the long term as well as short-term goal achievements.
  2. Content marketing manager: this job profile makes you responsible for managing a company’s content marketing operations like handling the blog and managing emails. You would be leading a team of professional digital marketers.
  3. Social media marketer: creativity is the necessity for becoming a social media marketer as you would use different social media channels to promote your content. Responsibilities include increasing sales formulating and implementing social media strategies and keeping up to date with the latest trends on social media. Some skills that are required for this job profile include copywriting, multimedia and creative designing.
  4. SEO executive: the primary responsibility of the job profile is to improve websites of clients to drive traffic or increase digital footfall to a website. To become one, you can have a bachelor’s degree in either of the following majors. Marketing, bachelor’s degree in communications or information technology, a degree in business is also preferred when considering the role.
  5. Copywriter:There are no set qualification requirements to become a copywriter; individuals with a degree in journalism or English can increase your desirability. The responsibilities include identifying interests and writing blogs explicitly tailored for consumers. Ensuring good quality written content as well as video content.
  6. Inbound marketing manager: This is a job profile for experts who can attract potential prospects and transform them into leads and clients. Similar to copywriting, a bachelor’s degree in marketing or any relevant field increase your desirability. In-depth understanding of CSS and HTML is required.
  7. Marketing Analyst: the job profile specifications for this job profile require you to study market conditions, consumer behaviours and competitors to give sound advice to companies.

There are various other job profiles in the industry that you can become a part of, keep fueling your creativity and keep learning.

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